Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo “RESPICE POST TE. HOMINEM TE MEMENTO”

Combining the natural urban set design – abandoned and crumpling dwellings in Old Riga – with the ancient Roman saying ‘Respice post te, hominem te memento’ (“Look around you. Remember you’re [only] a man”), the artists interpret the classical memento mori theme, reminding us of the impermanent nature of everything living and the eternal presence of death.

Krista Dzudzilo (1989) and Reinis Dzudzilo (1987) are a married couple and a creative tandem working together in visual art and in theatre. Krista and Reinis have organised two solo shows together and participated in several contemporary art group exhibitions. Since 2009 they have designed set design and costumes for 20 productions in theatres and opera in Latvia, as well as for an opera theatre in Germany. In their visual arts projects both artists apply approaches similar to set design by actively and strikingly employing the methods of space arrangement and envisaging lively audience participation. Reinis Dzudzilo has been awarded the ‘Best Set Designer’ by Latvia’s annual theatre award ‘Spēlmaņu nakts’ (“Players’ Night”) for his work on the plays ‘Vīlas’ (2015) and ‘Raudupiete’ (2013). Krista Dzudzilo was nominated for the Purvītis Prize in 2015 for her video installation ‘Skaidrība’ (Clarity).