Opening of the contemporary art and installation festival
Sculpture Quadrennial Riga 2016 “Conservatism and Liberalism”


September 10, Saturday

  • Opening of the central exhibition “Being Good” at Wagner Hall, 19:00, 4 Vagnera Street
  • Exhibition in the city in collaboration with Contemporary culture forum “White Night”, from 15:00 till 03:00
  • Partnering project “Us and the Others” at Institut français de Lettonie (59 Elizabetes Street):
    Performance by artist Hu-be “Scribblitti”
    3D movie “Clouds over Sidra” and photography exhibition by Marko Risovic (Serbia) in collaboration with UNHCR

September 11, Sunday
12:00 -17:30

“Conservatism and Liberalism: Appearances in contemporary culture”
Talks by: Justin Charles Hoover (USA), Adam Mazur (Poland), Heiko Pfreundt (Germany), Hadas Maor (Israel).
Art Academy of Latvia, 13 Kalpaka Blvd.

September 12, Monday

Artist Talks
Wagner Hall, urban Riga

September 13, Tuesday


Art Academy of Latvia, 13 Kalpaka blvd, Wagner Hall, 4 Vāgnera Street
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Extras of the festival

“The First Crew”, a solo show by Denis Prasolov (Russia)
Bank M2M Europe, 3 Antonijas Street
On view till September 21
14:00 – 17:00

“Terra Incognita: Familiar Infinity”
KUMU Art Museum
34 Weizenbergi, Tallinn
June 12 – September 12

Valentijn Goethals and Tomas Lootens (Belgium) at The Latvian Museum of Architecture
September 15 – October 7

Solo show by James Prevett at gallery Raja in Tallinn, Estonia
From September 20