European Public Art Centre – EPAC


European Public Art Centre – EPAC is programme which consists of eight multipurpose outdoor exhibition spaces established in eight participating countries (Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom and Iceland), first exhibition in the centre – Public Technologies simultaneously taking place in all countries involved and focussing on collaboration between art and science.


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Sculpture Quadrennial Riga 2008 – Dictatorship of the Majority (the opening)



On the August 29th, at 6:00 PM the grand opening of “Sculpture Quadrennial Riga 2008 – Dictatorship of the Majority” will take place in the experimental lab “Pink House” (in “Spīķeri”). A small and peculiar traffic buss will take off on 4:00 PM from “Pink House”, carrying in it Latvian and foreign artists, attorneys of jury, the main organizers of quadrennial – Kristaps Gulbis and Aigars Bikše together with attorney of mass media. They will take a small, offhand tour to look at all the objects that are installed in Rigaenvironment within the framework of this project.


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Platfrom 2 – Adapting North


The traveling exhibition "Platfrom 2 – Adapting North" will be settled in country of each partner institution (Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway and Sweden) for two weeks.

Travelling art exhibition called "Platfrom 2 – Adapting North". In this exhibition will participate 18 artists from Baltic and Scandinavian countries (including Iceland and Faroe Islands). Within the framework of exhibition the artists will create art works, focussing on such themes as “synthesis of art and science”, “practical creativity” and “culture innovations for practical daily life”. The main aim of the project is to make creative solutions for global problems, integrations of different cultures and transnational culture network foundation and development (involving major Baltic and Scandinavian culture/contemporary art organizations and artists). The works that will be created within the framework of the exhibition will be summarized and exposed in public space, city environment in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Myths of Contemporary Europe. The “theatre” with Static Pictures



 Europe-wide travelling public art project created by the artists from Baltic Sea region.

Interdisciplinary and interactive artwork “Myths of Contemporary Europe. The "theatre" with Static Pictures” – its main aspect is interactivity with goal to involve society, different groups of society in the processes of art, to appeal to express their opinion and to think about the myths, which exist all around us, in the local, national and Europe space, how many myths we’re creating ourselves and how much we trust to myths that are created by others. Project will take place during December of 2010 in Poland, Norway, Greece, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

Exhibition “The Train Hasn’t gone Yet” catalogue opening



The Centre for Art Management and Information (MMIC) in cooperation with VAS “Latvijas Dzelzsceļš” (LDz) presents the new catalogue opening festivity (from the exhibition “The Train hasn’t gone yet”), which will take place in the bookstore and the point of intersection – “1/4 Satori” (Lāčplēša street 31) on Thursday, December 2, at 6 P.M.

In the catalogue are all in the exhibition displayed work reproductions and in the railway stations exposed writer poses and poetry-works. The Catalogue also includes historical view on the railway section “Rīga-Dubulti” railway stations by LDz attorney Toms Altbergs and also an essay “Up to station and back” by social anthropologist Viesturs Celmiņš, in which the Author controverts about development of the train station functions and its mutations.


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