Olaf Brzeski ‘The Fall of the Man I Don’t Like’

In his series ‘The Fall of the Man I Don’t Like’ Olaf Brezski depicts the process of artwork creation. He reconstructs the moments of inspiration and portrays the relationship between the artist and model, the depicter and depicted, whilst striving to capture and document the conscious and subconscious choices that enable the creation of a work of art.

Olaf Brzeski’s (1975) practice is rooted in surrealist visions, which he brings to life via film, sculpture and installations. His work is populated by the unexpected, unusual and unnatural; transforming and deforming seemingly well-known characters and outlines, Olaf Brzeski’s imagination creates a gothically surreal artistic reality. The artist works with a range of materials, creates optical illusions and simultaneously examines the relationship between human body and its depiction in sculptural form. Layers of emotions derived from the subconscious – primitive fear, desire, and the sense of insecurity generate the mood in Olaf Brzeski’s work. At the same time he returns to the language of forms related to traditional tasks in sculpture, accentuating the relationship between volumes and the possibility of combining permanence and change, stability and fragility. Brzeski studied architecture and sculpture in Wrocław and for several years has been actively organising solo shows across Europe.