Kim de Ruysscher ‘Inside’ 

The work ‘Inside’ was inspired by the artist’s move from Italy to the Netherlands – through the limestone sleeping bag Kim de Ruysscher has attempted to articulate emotional experience that was caused by changing his social and climatic environment.

Kim De Ruysscher (1973) is well known for his grand sculptural and installation objects. He studied painting at the beginning of his creative career, turning to sculpture later on. Everyday objects are essential constituents of his practice, similarly to the pop art work of Claes Oldenburg and Jeff Koons’ postmodernist creations. The choice of materials is highly significant in Kim De Ruysscher’s work; he prefers conventional sculptural materials – natural hardstone, such as marble and limestone. The end result of using these techniques is time consuming, meticulous, financially demanding, and contrasts with the cheap plastic mass consumption objects that he ‘depicts’. The calculated precision, that is so characteristic to his work, further accentuates the banality of everyday life and the triviality of its objects. Kim De Ruysscher has participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe and has received various awards in different sculpture festivals. He lives and works in the Netherlands, having moved there from Italy.