Kaspar Müller, untitled

Kaspar Müller’s installation exists in the environment of everyday items, which have gradually enfolded the existence of society. Through the use of mass consumption goods, items and interior objects, the artists attempts to capture deeper interconnections in our lifestyle and portray the consciousness of a modern man.

Kaspar Müller (1983) lives and works in Berlin and Zurich, he studied History and Philosophy at the Basel University. His creative practice incorporates a range of mediums from physically tangible objects to video work and image reproduction. The conceptually driven work of Kaspar Müller (1983) is often enveloped in dark humour and irony, indirectly commenting on the influence of capitalist economy on our life and society in different cultural circumstances and contexts. He belongs to the so-called category of post-studio artists and uses objects and image sequences associated with different everyday and consumerist lifestyles, playing on various aspects of authenticity and detachment in mass culture, as well as in contemporary art. Exhibition life, institutions, works of art and clichés are all examined through Müller’s work as the codes of communication and modern symbols, often referencing his own previous work and even using it as a material for creating new pieces. The artist has organised several shows in Europe and continues to actively participate in exhibitions worldwide, collaborating with commercial art galleries, as well as partaking in independent projects.