Jacob Jessen ‘un-future’

In ‘un-future’ artist utilizes objects that are associated with certain professions occupied with solving various ethical dilemmas – philosophers, politicians, lawyers. Objects are sawn in half thus creating a completely new, seemingly a more objective view of these objects, revealing what cannot normally be perceived by human eye.

Danish artist Jacob Jessen (1976) mainly works in the field of installation, endeavouring to visually capture the phenomena that shape our existence whilst providing material for contemplation to his audiences. He creates conceptual works of art, condensing different philosophically disposed themes and existential questions into elegant objects or images. Jacob Jessen asks controversial questions about the time and space, infinity and finiteness, thus revealing and materialising those processes in life that we are aware of intellectually but fail to grasp the deeper meaning of. By focusing on the process of transformation and transition from one state to another, the artist confirms that the world is subjected to eternal changes. Although outwardly laconic, Jacob Jessen’s work often speaks about extinction and very extreme changes – in many ways his work depicts the limits of our physical and cognitive abilities and boundaries, whilst emphasising the tension present in his art.