Gundega Evelone ‘Drift’ (2016)

The sculptural ensemble ‘Drift’ is a theatrical allegory on conservatism and liberalism in the context of globalism – both ideologies have become to mean a comfortable and easy to manipulate set for expressing all sorts of value systems, the meaning of which can be easily adjusted in accordance to the required political context.

Gundega Evelone (1988) holds an MA in Sculpture from the Art Academy of Latvia. Her creative practice liberally amalgamates various mediums and forms of creative expression covering correspondingly wide thematic arrays. Her work ranges from ironically critical commentary on problematic political and social issues to aesthetic interpretation of creative methods in visual art, for example by creating new forms that allow her audiences to sense the space and its materiality in new and unusual ways. A uniting feature of all her artistic quests is the desire to bring together creative processes and everyday life, responding to situations she finds interesting in an artistic way, instead of simply construing a fictional creative reality. Gundega Evelone has participated in more than 50 different art projects as an artist, as well as a curator both in Latvia and abroad.