Riga, 30.09.2014 – 12.10.2014

Installation is created in cooperation of Japanese artist Hayashi Yasuhiko and Latvian artist Aigars Bikse. "Interactive installation ONSEN" is based on traditional Japanese hot spring model. "Onsen" in Japanese means hot spring. In Japan hot springs are an important part of culture tradition. Hot springs are warmed and enriched with minerals deep underground. This Japanese tradition is similar to Latvian tradition of sauna. Person immersed in the hot spring water cleanses his physical body and mind. Onsen is gender devided, it means that women and men have seperate hours.


Onsen is a traditional Japanese SPA ritual, that uses specially designed pools, filled with hot water originating deep underground where the water is warmed up and enriched with minerals.

Special salts and minerals are absorbed by skin when soaking in the water, gaining health benefits from the minerals in the water. Soaking increases your metabolic rate and maintains your autonomic nervous system. Onsen is also known by its ability to relieve stress, and mental fatigue.

All interested persons were welcomed to experience traditional Japanese SPA ritual in the center of Riga city.

Project was support by Municipality of Riga, EU Japan Fest, JSC “Latvijas valsts meži”, RIGA2014 and State Culture Capital Foundation

Photos: ONSEN Installation Opens




Photo:  Ieva Lūka/LETA