European Public Art Centre – EPAC is programme which consists of eight multipurpose outdoor exhibition spaces established in eight participating countries (Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom and Iceland), first exhibition in the centre – Public Technologies simultaneously taking place in all countries involved and focussing on collaboration between art and science.


European Public Art Centre – EPAC planned activities in 2010-2012 are:

  • Launch of NETWORK CAST (Contemporary Art, Science and Technologies) May 2010. Communication between partners via internet and using other technologies will facilitate to prepare first board meeting of European Public Art Centre – EPAC in Prague, Czech Republic, discuss the development of the concept of program and exchange ideas on implementation and management issues of the project. During implementation of the program European Public Art Centre – EPAC May 2010 – February 2012 network CAST will serve as main communication channel between coordinator, co-organizers, associated partners, individual artists, scientists and other cultural institutions involved.
  • Establishment of BOARD of European Public Art Centre – EPAC, BOARD MEETING of European Public Art Centre – EPAC and ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION Art Technologies, September 2010. International board of European Public Art Centre – EPAC consists of European level recognized art professionals, organizers of art events representing all partner institutions of European Public Art Centre – EPAC. The board meeting is linked with the roundtable discussion Art Technologies.
  • EXHIBITION Public Technologies simultaneously in all participating countries (opening the same day) and focusing on cooperation between visual art, science and technologies is the first exhibition hold at European Public Art Centre – EPAC. The artworks will be exhibited in specially designed stands capable of withstanding pressure of environment (both climate and human). The curator of the exhibition will be directly responsible for the quality of participating artists and exhibited artworks. Exhibition will take place in 8 countries across Europe for 6 months (June – December 2011). The stands allow adaptation of urban public space for contemporary art exhibitions. Participating artists and scientists will be recommended by partner institutions all across Europe, selected by curator of the exhibition and approved by the board of European Public Art Centre – EPAC. The name of curator will be announced at the founding meeting of the board of European Public Art Centre – EPAC in Prague, Czech Republic in September 2010.
  • An action for exhibition visitors – to create this project more attractive and to rouse an interest in visitors that they want to see as much art works as possible, the Organizers of the exhibition has intended to realize peculiar action. By every object (in cooperation with other involved countries) will be possible to get a special stamp, when a visitor will collect all the stamps from every object (or the vast majority – in a pessimistic prognosis), he or she will get a prize – a tour to his/hers chosen contemporary art activity or museum in Europe.
  • FLASHMOBS involving many volunteers will serve as starting point for dialogue with society outside regular visual art venues in particular cities and promote of the idea of Europe – wide cultural centre in public space – European Public Art Centre – EPACFlashmob actions organized in train stations in all participating countries and involving people ready to participate in decision making concerning urban public space and fostering idea of active civic society will take place in June – July 2011.
  • Four artists/scientists recommended by partner institutions will lead WORKSHOPS Art/Science/Technologies at Dubulti train station in Latvia (future location of contemporary art centre CAST (Contemporary Art, Science and Technologies). He/she will propose an activity for participants involving students of Art Academy of Latvia, Estonian Art Academy, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania and Technical Universities of Baltic countries, scientists and artists to develop a theme concentrating on the final result that will be presented to public.
  • BOARD MEETING of European Public Art Centre – EPAC and international SEMINAR Public Technologies introducing diverse experience of partner institutions focusing on collaboration between art, science and technologies will take place in London, United Kingdom.