It is interesting for me to observe how the human mind functions. It is an instrument made to serve man, yet it has taken possession of him and functions autonomously, resulting in an inability to perceive reality beyond the intellect. This exhibition is arranged as if it were a training camp for those who are observing themselves.

The artworks represent scenes with a context as well as a narrative and historical background, in which the human mind may see various things. Yet what is observed may be far from the truth. It is reminiscent of an artificial rabbit at a dog racing track It remains to be seen what the mind would start chasing. And at that moment we can spot it. When looking at the items as pieces of bronze and oak, one should feel the form and material and not try to impart any other meaning to this form except what it already possesses. These artworks have been executed in materials, mostly bronze, wood and wool which have “gravitation” and a certain truthfulness in their structure. Their physical attributes make them desirable for me. Although the theme of the exhibition was conceived in 2011- 2012, the works were not completed until the spring of 2014. Exhibition 16.12.2014. – 31.01.2015.



Photo: Aigars Bikše. Fragment from Infantry Sergeant watching the Sunset

in the Gazivoda Lake in Kosovo in 2008. 2013. Bronze, 61x41x34.5